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Обложка книги The Waste Lands

The Waste Lands

Кинг Стивен

King’s third volume on Roland the gunfighter’s search for the Dark Tower offers charming bits of whimsy, some splendidly tense moments and one rip-roaring horror scene. At times, however, it is pretentious and the direction of the sprawling plot uncertain. Roland has two companions on his quest for the tower at the portal of all the worldsp. 53 : Susannah Dean and Eddie Dean, who entered his world from New York City of 1963 and 1987, respectively. When the three track down the den of a 70-foot-tall cyborg bear, they are pointed down a path leading to the Tower. But Roland is slowly going mad, a fact that seems linked to his past experiences with Jake Chambers, a boy who died twicestet ital in the first book of the series. Jake reappears here, displaying great resilience in crossing over from 1977 New York City to join Roland & Co. (As Susannah notes, “This time-travel business is some confusing shit.”) They press on, plumbing the depths of a children’s book that tells a profound and ancient tale. Unfortunately, the questers don’t reach the Tower; in fact, they’re caught in a cliff-hanger ending

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